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If you would like to discover how we can assist you to successfully achieve your projects goals, we encourage you to contact our team

Our team members are qualified and have the experience, both domestic and international to implement instant lawn solutions to even the most demanding and challenging projects.

Under the guidance of the founding directors who have worked at the highest level in sod farm management, irrigation and agricultural engineering, we offer a complete range of services to  instant lawn, grass and landscape clients.

At Grassfarms we aim to be your best friend and supplier in the complex world of instant lawn, grass and irrigation solutions. 


We are a specialist Instant lawn farming and irrigation services company with a good branch network on the African continent, with representation abroad and with senior personnel to control client orders in a safe and desirable environment.

Grassfarms comprises of a highly professional team farming Instant Lawn, implementing irrigation projects and agricultural engineering projects.

We provide clients with outstanding one-to-one personal service and advice. Our expertise includes considerable background and up-to-date knowledge of the instant lawn and irrigation field which allows us to recommend to clients the best product mix available.

Driven by a strong commitment to our clients, employees and the wider community, we place a strong focus on developing projects that will benefit existing and future generations, and make every effort to provide a safe, enjoyable and stimulating work environment for our valued team


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