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Grassfarms Corporate Responsibility
Promoting I Sustainable Development

Grassfarms recognises its obligations to act responsibly, ethically and with integrity in its dealings with staff, customers, neighbors and the environment as a whole

The CEO of Grassfarms defines the company's social responsibility, and devises strategies while leading their execution.

All potential signatories to the code are the founder, board of directors, CEO, top management, legal departments, consultants. And the process will involve employee representatives or otherwise selected employees to increase the leverage and effectiveness of Grassfarms philanthropic and community investment programs

Corporate codes of conduct are voluntary and their implementation depends totally on Grassfarms and its members to provide hands-on training to current and future business managers in the group

 Its success will be measured by the extent to which our leaders avail themselves of the training and make its lessons part of their companies' day-to-day operations of a variety of sectors

We must take individual responsibility for the decisions and activities of our enterprises and its impact on the culture of its enterprise and its stakeholders.

 Grassfarms needs committed, productive employees, agents, and suppliers to create good services and it needs loyal, satisfied customers and consumers to make a profit.


Grassfarms takes the long view and to respect the physical environment and the

prospects of future generations.

Future Grassfarms reputation for integrity is important for securing the loyalty of its customers, for recruiting and retaining the most professional and honest employees, for becoming the business partner of choice, for winning local community acceptance.


Our business ethics program contributes to our reputation for integrity. By giving adequate guidance to employees and agents, it ensures that we all know what is responsible business conduct and by helping form reasonable expectations among all our stakeholders which will  minimizes disputes with customers and other stakeholders and increases stakeholder satisfaction.


Our Grassfarms reputation is more important than ever as a result of an increasing number of laws that regulate our business, higher expectations from our customers and the general public about the way we do business, and a business environment characterized by global expansion, technological advances, and increased competition.


It will always be, and continues to be, our policy to conduct business in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations and in accordance with the highest ethical standards.

We expect, as we always have, that all signatories to our code of conduct and the people acting on our behalf, will adhere to these principles.


Everyone in business knows it is far easier to retain a loyal customer than to win one.


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